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I know I can be a little stubborn sometimes

people: Blake Lively, Emilie DeRavin, Robert Pattinson, Emily Browning, Joaquin Phoenix
tv: Bones, One Tree Hill, V, Lost, Gossip Girl, Fringe, Merlin, Glee
movies: New Moon, Enchanted, Remember Me
wall: New Moon, Merlin
banner: Lost, Glee

(I'll travel with you all the way...)
Tags: actor: joaquin phoenix, actor: robert pattinson, actress: blake lively, actress: emilie deravin, actress: emily browning, banner, icons, movie: enchanted, movie: new moon, movie: remember me, tv: bones, tv: fringe, tv: glee, tv: gossip girl, tv: lost, tv: merlin, tv: one tree hill, tv: v, wallpaper
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